EV boost for South Tipp tourist town

Stock photo: Canva.com / nrqemi

The introduction of EV charging points has been welcomed in Cahir.

Councillor Andy Moloney has long been advocating for the installation of these charging stations arguing that the lack of these facilities puts the town at an economic disadvantage.

A charging station has now been erected at the Castle Street car park where two EV cars can be charged at once.

Cllr. Moloney says this addition will aid tourism for the district.

“It was a big problem that, while Cahir might get the benefit of the charging points, the likes of the Vee, Clogheen, Ballyporeen, and back into Mitchelstown Caves, plus the Swiss Cottage, was a stretch too far for those EV charging cars, and they were quite anxious to maybe move on to the next location where there was a charger. So, with the charger now in Cahir, they can supercharge, fast charge, probably a half an hour max, and get to all these rural destinations that we’ve been trying to promote over the years.”

Looking forward, the Independent councillor is also proposing match funding be used for the addition of another carpark with EV stations in Cahir.

Cllr. Moloney is suggesting the council seek approval from the department to use this funding to then allow them to apply for a grant in the amount of €11.9 million.

The match funding would be sufficient to see a car park implemented on Church Street, opposite the Post Office in the town.

He explains how this new car park would benefit the area.

“The new carpark and area will have new chargers in it as well. It will be a 90-bay carpark, and that’s going to be a huge benefit as well, possibly for those that are longer stay but for the shorter stay visitors, the one in the Castle Street car park, for now, is a huge benefit. The new carpark will be on Church Street, opposite the Post Office, where the old Galtee Hotel used to be. In under a minute of parking there, you’d be able to walk out under the archway and into the square, so this will tie in with the public rhythm of the town when the funding does come.”