Renewed calls for public toilets in Templemore park

Photo © Tipp FM

There are plans for public toilets in Templemore town park.

The lack of public toilets has been highlighted by Cllr Eddie Moran, who says he has been fighting to have them erected in the town.

He says that while the Pitch & Putt club in the town currently offers temporary public toilets, it is not enough and Templemore should have them like every other town with a park.

Also on the agenda is enlarging the tight entrance to the park to facilitate the public toilets.

“Our toilet facilities are nil in the town park.

“We need public toilets in the town. Every town in the country that has a park has a proper public toilet.

“We have temporary toilets at the moment in the pitch and putt course which they’ve very kindly let us use.

“People travel from all over and they’ve no place to go with young kids.”