Significant interest in North Tipp holiday home development

A holiday cottage complex in North Tipp is on the market with a price tag of around €2 million.

The Lough Derg Thatched Cottages are a cluster of 12 holiday homes in the village of Puckane.

The 2 acre site also has a purpose built log cabin with a central fire pit and barbeque area with surround seating.

Property consultant Robert Colleran says the increase in tourism numbers makes it an attractive proposition for investors.

“There’s good strong interest – a mix of local and national buyers. We’ve had some calls from the UK and further afield.

“We’re hoping to reach €1.8 to €2 million – depending on the level of interest it might go beyond that but that’s a realistic price for it at the moment.

“There’s a current turnover of roughly about €200,000 per annum. The summers been good and the holiday market is good. Tourists are starting to return.”

Robert Colleran says both the development itself and the Lough Derg area have a lot going for them.

“It appeals to tourists – there’s high demand. People want to come and stay and have that experience.

“Not only do you have the 12 cottages you also have a facilities building and then you have planning permission to add value and build two more apartments on site.

“It’s a lovely setting – nice cycle routes, walking and water sports in general. People are really getting out there and enjoying it.”