Tipperary people warned about drug and alcohol use over Christmas

Joe Leahy of C-Saw, Clonmel. Photo © Tipp FM.

The founder of CSAW Tipperary says drug and alcohol use could exacerbate mental health issues over Christmas. 

Joe Leahy, says that the services in both Clonmel and Tipperary Town will operate as normal across the festive period, as he acknowledges that Christmas can be difficult for many. 

He told Tipp today that drink and drugs can cause a snowball effect on a person leading to depression, paranoia, and often a feeling of fear or isolation. 

His advice is to avoid substances, particularly drugs, in the first place, but if you are struggling call into the centre or speak to someone you trust:

“People have lost their jobs because of it, people have lost their livelihoods, people have lost relationships, marriages, family, and all because of drugs, oh my god it’s lethal, but my attitude is don’t go there in the first place, do not touch them and if you are after taking one or two talk to your parents they’ll understand, talk to your aunt talk to your uncle, talk to your coach or talk to somebody, come in to CSAW and talk to us, talk to somebody in confidence but tell them and get off the bloody things.”

A fundraising event is being held tomorrow to support the work of CSAW. 

Joe says that in order to keep helping communities locally they must fundraise and are hosting an event in Eldon’s Clonmel tomorrow night from 8.30pm. 

All are welcome.