Tipperary people urged to raise a glass…of milk!

Milk | Stock photo (c) Pixabay

Tipperary people are being urged to raise a glass today to one of the county’s biggest industries.

Today is World Milk Day as recognised by the United Nations.

Between the likes of Arrabawn and Thurles Centenary and others, the Premier County produces 15% of Ireland’s total milk supply.

Tipperary farmer, Pat McCormack is president of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association:

“For the dairy farmers of Tipperary, I say you can be extremely proud of the product you produce. It’s delivered to various different families via the Ornua network and indeed other networks right around the globe.

“We can sit back and be extremely proud of the employment that’s created, whether it’s Tipp Co-op in Tipperary Town or Arrabawn in Nenagh, we can be justifiably proud of that.

“That all comes from the dairy industry and ultimately from the dairy cow and indeed the dairy farmer.”