Council to use CCTV and drones to tackle illegal footing

Photo © Tipp FM

The way has been cleared for Tipperary County Council to use CCTV and drones to tackle illegal dumping.

The Circular Economy Act 2022 made provision for the technology to be used in a way that complies with data protection regulations.

However a delay by the Local Government Management Agency in developing local codes meant that it is only now that the measures can be enforced.

Littleton based County Councillor Sean Ryan has welcomed the signing into law of the legislation.

“This will be a huge advantage right across the country but particularly in our own county to stop the proliferation of dumping. When you see CCTV in an area it will catch those who are dumping – the small minority that are doing it – and drone technology will assist in that matter as well. And when you hear figures like that there’s €100 million being wasted every year by local authorities in terms of manpower to stop illegal dumping I think the savings in this regard will be absolutely huge.”

Councillor Ryan says Tipperary County Council is ready to hit the ground running in the use of technology to tackle illegal dumping.

“Tipperary County Council already has the technology at its disposal – it already has the drones, it already has the cameras. They are ready to go – that’s what I was told at our last District meeting. So I’d expect that Tipperary County Council now that they have the authorisation from government to do so will start using the technology fairly quickly and will start putting it in place and will send out a clear message that anybody who does dump will be prosecuted and that this evidence that’s gleaned from cameras and drones will be admissible in court.”