Council roads allocation not what officials had hoped for

Photo (c) Pat Flynn

Inflation is likely to wipe out the benefit of the increased roads funding allocation for Tipperary this year.

€597 million was allocated by the Government yesterday for local and regional road improvements, including €31.2 million for Tipperary.

The money will be used for road projects including safety improvements and bridge rehabilitation.

Director of Services for roads in Tipperary County Council, Marcus O’Connor, says that the funding increase isn’t as significant as they hoped.

“The allocation is a small increase on last year. On a like for like basis, the increase is about three percent.

“Inflation of machinery, labour, and the likes of bitumen is running at around four percent. So it really isn’t a significant increase. It more or less just leaves us standing still.

“It will allow us to continue with our road improvements and safety improvements. But we were hoping for a bit more to be honest.”