Templemore Farm Fire Claims 17 Calves

Photo: © Pat Flynn

A farmer in Templemore has lost 17 calves in a farm fire this week.

The fire occurred on Tuesday afternoon while works were being carried out with an angle grinder in an adjoining shed.

Crews from Tipperary fire service arrived on the scene to put out the blaze.

Speaking to Tipp FM, News Correspondent with the Irish Farmers Journal, Niall Hurson, said that 17 of the 55 calves on the farm died as a result of the fire:

“There was works ongoing on a brand new shed beside the calf shed. An angle grinder was being used and unfortunately a stray spark made its way to the calf shed.

“It was a dry day and the farmer reports it was very windy so the sparks went astray. The bedding was dry, so as soon as the spark hit it, it became uncontrollable very quickly.”