Teenage girl cautioned over 5-thousand euro worth of fire damage at the Source Arts Centre in Thurles

Photo © Irish Theatre

A teenage girl has been cautioned after causing over 5-thousand Euro worth of fire damage at the Source Arts Centre in Thurles.

The blaze was started in the underground car-park on the afternoon of Friday the 22nd of September.

5-thousand-300 Euro worth of damage was done to the are conditioning unti and wiring before the Fire brigade wer able to bring it undercontrol.

CCTV footage identied a young girl who was later picked up and is being process by the Juvenile Diversion System which mean she gets and caution and suspervision by a local liason officer but avoid getting a criminal record.

Sgt Margaret Kelly says it was a significant fire:

“A large fire was extinguished by the fire brigade there, but there was a huge amount of damage to the air conditioning units and the wiring in the underground car park. CCTV has been downloaded and a suspect was identified, and the Gardaí, while on patrol, located a young woman and she is being considered under the juvenile diversion system. The damage there was in excess of 5,000 euros.”