Gortnahoe locals say planned mast would be an eyesore in the village

Photo from Google Maps

Plans for a telecommunications mast in Gortnahoe have met with strong opposition.

Locals say the structure would be located too close to the village and would tower over the nearby church.

Sinn Féin Councillor David Dunne attended a meeting organised by residents last night.

He says they have a number of concerns about the proposals from Eir.

“They’re not against the mast – they’re against where the mast is.”

“The mast is going to be located across from houses and it’s 60 foot high – the Church in Gortnahoe is 34 foot high so it’s about twice the height of the church.”

“The residents are opposing it because it will take down the value of the houses, it will also look ugly and it’s in the wrong place. They’re proposing that it will go somewhere else.”