Taoiseach voices his support for reopening of Garda College Swimming pool to public in Templemore

Taoiseach Micheál Martin Photo © Tipp FM

The Taoiseach has voiced his support for the reopening of the Garda College Swimming Pool to the community of Templemore.

This comes as the members of “We just want to swim Templemore” get ready to host the first of a series of protests in the area today.

Michael Martin met with members of the group while on a visit to Tipperary yesterday.

Speaking in Thurles, he told Tipp FM any issues around energy costs could be addressed:

“I would like to see that we would work with the authorities to see if we can resolve this.

“There needs to be people coming together here to sort of see if we can work this out, what is the problem.

“I’m now being told it’s an energy price increase issue, well therefore if it’s that, surely we can bring the various forces together, agencies together, can we collectively work to reduce the impact of the energy price increases so to keep the public facility open.

“I will work on this now with the various agencies.”