Scathing attack on Tipp Town local representatives

Photo courtesy of David Moloney

A local road safety campaigner says the money needed to address safety concerns on the N24 through Tipperary is insignificant compared to the costs associated with fatal or serious injury accidents.

David Moloney was reacting to the latest Road Safety Inspection Report of the national primary route which was carried out by Transport Infrastructure Ireland.

It identified 64 hazards on the Tipperary stretch of the road which the body estimates would cost less than €500,000 to resolve.

David Moloney says this would be a worthwhile investment.

“The money you’re talking about to actually carry out roadworks is small relative to the figures that are issued for a fatality. They reckon a fatality costs €3 million, a serious injury to a person costs almost half a million and a minor injury to a person is actually €38,000. They’re substantial amounts of money. It’s calculated that for every €1 that’s spent on road improvements you actually save €8 on fatalities and serious injuries so economically it only makes sense.”

David Moloney has also launched a stinging attack on elected representatives in the Tipperary Town area.

He has accused them of not putting enough pressure on Tipperary County Council to take action over concerns about the likes of Barronstown Cross between Tipp Town and Limerick Junction.

He says there have been six collisions and many more near misses at the junction over the last three years.

Speaking to Tipp FM he said local Councillors have a responsibility to act just as much as Tipperary County Council.

“Absolutely because I see some of them are a bit long in the tooth and they have never really achieved anything. I mean they’re great at going to funerals and shaking hands and smiling at people.

“They’re the ones who should be actually pushing issues. I see other elected representatives that you have in Cashel and in South Tipperary and they push issues in a big way. Whereas our local ones just tend to be fobbed off and they accepts anything they’re told by the council.”