Gardaí on alert for possible arson attacks at Racket Hall in Roscrea

The Department of Integration has asked Gardaí to ramp up security at the Racket Hall to prevent arson attacks.

Tipperary TD Jackie Cahill has claimed that there has been a threat that the hotel in Roscrea could be burned down.

This comes after scuffles took place between protestors and Public Order Gardaí yesterday while the first women and children seeking international protection were moved in.

A blockade has been mounted at the hotel since it emerged last week, that the hotel was going to be used to house families of asylum seekers.

Integration Minister Roderic O’Gorman says Gardaí have been tasked with protecting the hotel and it’s new residents:

“My staff within my department have been liaising with an Garda Síochána extremely closely, in terms of security around Racket Hall.

“In terms of the successful efforts that were made yesterday, to ensure that people were able to access their accommodation there.
And I’ve no doubt that cooperation is going to continue.”

A local Roscrea woman, who attended the protests, says far-right activists are regularly trying to join in Roscrea against families of asylum seekers being moved into Racket Hall.

Gillian told Tipp Today that although she’s seen some of the strangers coming to Roscrea, locals have been warning them off at the scene:

“They have gotten no hop from the Roscrea people. We didn’t give in to them and a few of the local Roscrea lads asked them to leave. They left, but they’re kind of coming down in dribs and drabs and they’re having their little say, but they’re quickly being hushed away.

“We don’t want any part of that. And we would urge those people to stop coming down to Racket Hall to the peaceful of protest and whatever’s going to take place in Roscrea in the future, because that’s not what we’re about.”


Communities with the highest proportion of asylum seekers are to get a special support package according to The Taoiseach

Speaking in the wake of the incidents in Roscrea yesterday, Leo Varadkar says he understands people in the town are concerned and acknowledged that only a small number of people were involved in the scuffle:

“I understand that hundreds of people have been accommodated in Roscrea in the last couple of years, both from Ukraine and people seeking international protection, and that has put
the town under pressure.

“And one of the things I’m going to be doing at cabinet today is asking all ministers to come together to take the ten districts in the country that have the highest proportion of people from Ukraine and people seeking international protection and to put together a special package to help those areas that are under pressure.”