Ahearn: Referendum result should have no bearing on upcoming local elections

Photo courtesy of Garret Ahearn

Tipperary Fine Gael Senator Garret Ahearn says the resounding rejection of the Family and Care referendums over the weekend will not impact on the upcoming local elections.

However he says the decision of the electorate will have to be respected.

Some people feel the vote was among other things a kickback against the coalition government.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Senator Ahearn felt this was not the case.

“In my view it doesn’t have a reflection on how the local elections are going to go or how the general elections is going to go. There are certainly a cohort of people who aren’t happy with government but we know that and we accept that and that’s always the case.

“In two or three weeks’ time when local elections are really kicking off I don’t think the referendum will be one of the major things that you’ll be discussing in those interviews with all the councillors and candidates who are running in the local election for Tipperary.”