Toy Library and Repair Café open in Clonmel once a month

Clonmel’s toy library is on today along with a repair café where you can get almost anything under the sun fixed.

It’s kicking off at half past eleven at the Zero Waste refill shop on Anglesea Street.

Families can come in and take a new-secondhand toy home for a month before they bring it back.

There’s engineers, electricians, tailors and more volunteering their time to collaborate to try and fix anything you can think of, which can be brought in on the last Saturday of the month.

Jenny Stokes from Zero Waste in Clonmel says the toy library is a huge hit with the kids and the parents:

“We have people donate toys and then we set up here once a month the last
Saturday of every month from 11.30am to 1.30pm.

“The children can come in and it’s just like a regular library where you come in, you borrow your toy, keep it for a month and bring it back the next month. So it saves parents having to go out and buy new toys but also saves those toys from going to landfill.”