Live Register figures for Tipperary highest for 2019

The numbers on the Live Register in Tipperary are at their highest so far this year.

Latest figures from the Central Statistics Office show an increase of nearly 400 last month alone.

There were 8,381 people signing on in Tipperary at the end of July.

Of these 3,971 were in North Tipperary with 4,410 in the south of the county.

These are the highest figures so far in 2019 with all eight social welfare offices recording an increase.

However the figures are more positive when compared with July of last year. They show a reduction of 1,140 or 12% in the last 12 months.

There’s been a massive 45% drop in the numbers signing on the Live Register in Tipperary in the last decade – down from 15,215 in July of 2009.