Confusion over planned use of historic Clonmel hotel

Photo from Google Maps

There are conflicting reports on whether or not a South Tipperary hotel has been offered for use as a location to house asylum seekers.

Rumours have been circulating in recent weeks that Hearn’s Hotel and O’Keefe’s nightclub on Parnell Street in Clonmel was to take in International Protection Applicants.

The new owners of the hotel have posted on social media claiming that contrary to recent rumours, Hearn’s Hotel is open to the public operating as a hotel and will continue to do so hopefully for many more years to come.

However Deputy Mattie McGrath has received correspondence from the governments Community Engagement team saying that the property has been offered to house either people fleeing Ukraine or International Protection applicants.

“There’s two conflicting statements and I’m delighted that its business as usual – I want to reaffirm that but questions are being asked. I got sight of a legal document from a from a firm in Kerry on Saturday that were doing the legal background. The department have confirmed to me in writing that there was an application in so that’s totally at variance with the statement that I got from the department.”