Local GP encourages ‘no judgment’ when it comes to masks

A local GP is encouraging people to be ‘non-judgmental’ when it comes to mask wearing.

Dr. Lucia Gannon from Killusty says there will be differing views on the need for masks but common sense must be used. In particular masks should still be used when in ‘prolonged contact’ with others or in risky situations and settings.

She is urging anyone with underlying conditions, or those who are still medically vulnerable to consider wearing surgical or respiratory masks. This will protect both themselves and those around them.

Dr. Gannon says she personally will be wearing one when in risky situations.

However, despite the on-going concerns surrounding Covid Dr. Gannon says they are noticing a decrease in the number of calls regarding Covid at the surgery.

She commented that she is grateful to see a return to normality and non Covid related treatments.