Government urged to reverse decision not to allow non-EU carers work here

Stock photo: Pixabay

A local councillor is calling on the government to rethink its decision not to allow non-EU carers to work in Ireland.

Cllr Richie Molly – who is also area manager for Family Carers Ireland – has expressed his disappointment at the announcement, saying that the homecare sector is in crisis as staff shortages continue.

He told Tipp Today that if non-EU workers are permitted to work in hospitals and nursing homes, the same should apply to the homecare sector.

The Independent Councillor says the Minister should reconsider.

“The immediate thing is that, I think, the Minister should look at it again and consider taking in non-EU people, even on a temporary basis, just to get the market someway up and running, because it comes up all the time that we can’t get the staff. The HSE, who have better terms and conditions, are still finding it difficult enough to employ staff in that area.”

“There’s a real crisis facing the whole homecare sector. It’s been going on for the last number of years that we come across cases, nearly daily, where the HSE might approve somebody for so many hours, like a homecare package, but then you will invariably find that the HSE themselves don’t have staff and that they’re facing a crisis as well in recruiting staff into that area. It’s the same right across the board. Organisations like our own, Family Carers Ireland, and all the other private providers are finding the same. They just cannot get staff.”