Financial plight of CARMHA highlighted in the Dáil

Photo from Carmha Facebook page

The uncertain future facing a counselling service for addiction and mental health in North Tipp has been raised in the Dáil.

Nenagh based CARMHA is in danger of closing if they don’t get funding soon.

The service provides free counselling and peer support to anyone over 18.

The groups highlighted on Tipp Today this week that a lack of funding means they could go out of business in a few months.

Sinn Féin TD Martin Browne highlighted their plight with the Minister for Mental Health Mary Butler today.

“Will you pick up the phone to CARMHA and find a way forward with them.

“Unless they get real support the people of Nenagh will lose a service that they have fully backed all along.

“The people who use this service will be severely impacted in the health services and will one service less to rely on.

“As Minister with responsibility for mental health you are in a unique position to ensure or at least assist CARMHA in sourcing the funding they need so that they and more importantly the people who use their services can have the certainty that the service they provide now will remain available and funded into the future.”

In her response Minister Butler made it plain that CARMHA will have to seek funding like any other voluntary organisation.

“With respect Deputy to available for CARMHA – every organisation who wishes to apply for ongoing funding must make a business case to their local HSE CHO office. There is a process in place and service level agreements are arranged with many agencies.

“Criteria has to be met and this criteria is analysed – after all this is taxpayers money. There are over 1,000 voluntary organisations in the country but CHARMA must apply through their local HSE for funding to see if they can reach a service level agreement – if their services are needed by the HSE.”