Premier County urged to play its part in tackling single use plastics

Photo: Pixabay

Tipperary households are being encouraged to use an app to help them remove one kilo of single use plastics from their home every month.

The group CUSP, or Cease Using Single-Use Plastics, estimates that Tipperary households will take in 9,700 tonnes of such packaging this year.

It’s urging people to cut down on single-use plastics by 70 percent before 2030, in line with UN environmental goals.

Founder of CUSP, Simon Ruddy, says it’s a much more manageable task when it’s broken down into monthly targets.

“We’re asking people over the next 10 years to effectively target 12 kilos annually.”

“So if householders in Tipperary run the test or run the challenge on the App and they find the one kilo this month, just repeat that one kilo each month in 2020.”

“Then in January 2021 find another kilo and repeat that and so on. So they’re only removing a small few items every year.”