North Tipp group wage war on litter

Liz Powell, her daughter Lily and son Rufus, out picking litter.

One community in north Tipperary has collected between 60 and 70 bags of discarded rubbish from local roads in recent weeks.

The issue of illegal dumping and roadside littering has been a growing issue of concern in the county during the pandemic, but many locals are taking it upon themselves to keep the roads clean.

Around 30 people in the Dolla/Toomevara area have been collecting bags of rubbish from nearby roads in recent weeks.

One of those involved, Liz Powell, says they’re finding everything from discarded sandwich wrappers to recyclable items like cans and bottles.

“Within about 200 metres the other day we collected eight full bags.”

“There’s tonne’s of rubbish out there and I suppose at the moment all the vegetation has died back because it’s winter so you actually see it. And there’s a lot more in there that’s actually in the banks that you can’t really get into.”

“It’s a lot of rubbish – it’s unbelievable really when you see the quantity of it.”