Molloy: Inclusion of Carers in Cost of Living Package is vital

The Finance Minister says the government’s cost of living package has been designed with consumers in mind.

Cabinet met this morning to discuss the measures, which include a 100 euro lump sum child benefit payment, and 200 euro extra social welfare payment.

Other measures include the extension of the 9 per cent rate of VAT for the hospitality sector, and the excise cut on motor fuel.

The inclusion of Carers in the proposed Cost of Living package approved by Cabinet today is a welcome move according to the local Family Carers Ireland manager.

Richie Molloy says for far too long Carers have been forgotten about by government – speaking on Tipp Today he said any relief for the sector would be welcome.

“One thing that has to be stressed all the time from a Family Carers point of view is that heating costs for a carer are generally the same the 12 months of the year even when the weather improves because you know with elderly people and that, that wouldn’t be going out or aren’t very active – they have to have the heating on all the time.

“Even though we’re hoping the weather will start to get milder as we head on into March but at the same time the heating costs from a carers point of view really remain the same throughout the year.”