Tipp link to Dublin drug seizure

Stock photo: Canva.com / utah778.

A student has been jailed for moving a large quantity of drugs following a cash pickup in Tipperary.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that on January 9, 2021, 30 year old Daniel Walsh was caught moving nearly €40,000 worth of cannabis after Gardaí stopped his car for crossing the white line.

Walsh had driven a van to Birdhill, in North Tipp where he collected cash before driving to Wicklow to collect the drugs.

After being pulled over in Rush, where Walsh is from, a strong smell of weed was coming from the Volkswagen van.

During a search of the interior of the van, two small bags of cannabis and a bag of white powder later identified as ketamine were found along with €6,900 in cash.

A further search of the boot recovered two vacuum packed clear bags of cannabis.

These drugs had a combined weight of just under 2kg and an estimated street value of just over €39,000.

The total value of all the drugs seized was €42,924 including cannabis and MDMA found at Walsh’s home during a follow up search.

Rush pleaded guilty to possession for sale or supply and admitted having MDMA and cannabis for sale or supply at his home and having the unlawful possession of the proceeds of crime.

When questioned on his involvement for which he was to receive €600 on this occasion, he said he feared he would be shot or have his legs broken if he did not co-operate.

Following positive references and evidence that the now third level student had removed himself from crime Judge Martin Nolan found he was unlikely to reoffend.

He imposed a four-year sentence but suspended the final two years on condition Walsh keep the peace for the four-year period.