Councillor blasts “shameful idiots” after flowers removed from local graves

Photo © Pat Flynn

Those responsible for the removal of flowers from graves in Templemore are being described as “shameful idiots”.

Independent councillor Shane Lee is speaking out following the theft from graves in the Templemore area over the weekend.

His Tipperary County Council colleague, Jim Ryan, has also raised concerns about vandalism at graves in the Thurles area recently.

Councillor Lee has reacted angrily to the latest developments:

“This is absolutely disgraceful. And I hope it doesn’t have to come to it that Tipperary County Council has to put in CCTV around graveyards.

“I’m calling on these shameful idiots that are carrying out this conduct, to stop doing what they’re doing. It’s a very sensitive and upsetting thing. It’s very hurtful for the loved ones going in to visit graves. And this has been happening over the last 48 hours.”