Lowry: delays in Johnson & Johnson decision baffling

Local TD Michael Lowry says he’s “baffled” by the ongoing delays relating to the decision on who will get the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

A decision on usage of the single-shot jab will only be announced next week, before which the National Immunisation Advisory Committee will continue to discuss its merits.

The European Medicines Agency has found that the benefits of the jab far outweigh the risks, despite findings of rare blood clotting associated with it.

Deputy Lowry says that the European agency’s findings should suffice for Irish regulators.

“The EMA is a long established body – it has unchallenged competency.”

“They have completed due diligence and they’ve given clearance with qualifications.”

“It baffles me and many others I have to say why we have to wait for NIAC here in Ireland to undertake a similar exercise. The delays in the rollout of Johnson & Johnson for at least a week – a week is a long time.”