Household clusters of Covid-19 cases increasing in North Tipp

Hand Sanitiser Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Public Health Mid-West, which oversees north Tipp, Limerick and Clare, has found however that the incidence rate in the region fell considerably since Level 5 restrictions were implemented.

16,688 Covid-19 cases have been detected so far in the mid-west region, including 2,212 in north Tipperary.

Public Health Mid-West says the majority of those infections were recorded this year.

Officials are warning that they’re seeing household outbreaks which are spreading throughout sections of housing estates and apartments within the same building.

Director of Public Health Mid-West, Dr Mai Mannix, says these clusters are occurring in all age groups, and she warns that all forms of social contact in a household “can and will lead to outbreaks”.

The incidence rate in the mid-west has fallen over the last six weeks however, and people are being urged to continue booking a Covid-19 test if they show mild symptoms.