Calls made for results of speed surveys to be published in Tipperary

Photo © Tipp FM

The results of speed surveys needs to be published in Tipperary.

That is the call from Independent Cllr. Kevin O’Meara, who was told last year when he raised an issue with speed on approach roads near Mullinahone that these surveys were taking place.

He says that time and time again he has to tell members of the community that they are awaiting the results from the council, and feels there should be better communication.

Cllr. O’Meara says putting the reports out there for people to view would be beneficial regardless of the findings.

“Can we publish the results of these speed surveys because there’s a perception there’s a speed issue, and if there’s not, can we publish it and mention that? But, I suppose, if there is a problem, publish it as well and say, “Look, we’ve identified a problem,” and look at what we’re going to do next. This is one that gets kicked between the Gardaí and the council. The Gardaí will say the council needs to look at it, and the council will say the Gardaí needs to look at it. But if there’s a problem, someone needs to do something and take ownership of it.”