Another illegal dump of household waste found on Tipperary bogland

Cllr Michael O'Meara at Redwood Bog.

Tipperary County Council is working to identify the culprits behind another large case of illegal dumping on Tipperary bogland.

Independent councillor Michael O’Meara is raising the situation at Redwood Bog in Lorrha parish, where a large amount of household waste has been dumped in recent days or weeks.

He says that the county’s litter warden has been notified, and that they’re working through some of the rubbish to see if identification can be found.

Michael says it’s an awful scene, and that they’re hopeful that the culprits can be found:

“I don’t know why they actually do this because a lot of the material found in Redwood can be easily recycled and brought to the electrical banks.

“Predominantly, in a lot of cases we do find evidence, and I’m determined that we find the culprits in relation to this, and bring them to justice.

“It’s an awful situation that people would get into their car with a trailer and bring the amount of rubbish that there is in Redwood.

“I’m in the Council now 17 years and I’ve never seen it (dumping) as bad. You’d see a lot of fly tipping as well on the roads, where people indiscriminately throw rubbish out of their cars. And it’s hugely unsightly to see this. And there’s no excuse for it. The full rigours of the law should be brought down on those responsible.”