County vet called to tend to injured swans in Templemore

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The county vet has been called on to tend to some injured swans at Templemore Town Park.

The two birds were discovered limp and with limited mobility on Wednesday night.

Michael O’Brien is a local business man and he says people in the locality feel a sense of ownership over the swans and don’t want to see them injured.

He told Tipp Today that they are vulnerable as the cob could injure them on the water, while other animals like dogs are a threat on land:

“I would see the swans every day and people do pass and people are generally very careful, but it is just to give the swans a wide birth if they have a dog because that they would be very vulnerable at that point and they wouldn’t be able to move and anyway if they did which direction would they go, if they go away from the dogs they have big daddy on the water trying to get them off because he is trying to protect the new signets that have arrived.”

Michael also told Tipp Today they have alerted the Wildlife Officer:

“there is  sense of loyalty to the whole situation here with the swans people are very concerned about the swans they almost take ownership of the swans, if anything happens hey pass it on. Even as it is I got into the wildlife officer and she said she would get onto the county council to send out a vet to check it out, now I don’t know if it has happened yet, but they are still here, you know but hopefully it will and they can check them out and that is as much as I can do.”