Cahill calls for reduction in costs for farm underpass projects

Photo © Pat Flynn

There are calls for a significant reduction in the cost on farmers in Tipperary of installing underpasses so that farm animals can cross roads safely and with less traffic disruption.

Local TD and Chairperson of the Oireachtas Agriculture Committee Jackie Cahill has contacted his Fianna Fáil colleague in the Department of Transport, Jack Chambers to make the case for a significant reduction in the cost of road closure licences with County Councils across the country.

The Thurles Deputy says many farmers would be keen to construct underpasses but costs are still prohibitive.

“We should be doing all we can to support farmers in installing underpasses, reducing farm labour demands, making our roads safer, and increasing animal welfare. This is an obvious step to take. I am delighted to see that grants are now in place for underpasses but I believe more needs to be done at County Council level to reduce these costs.

“I will continue to raise this issue with my colleagues in Government to see delivery in this very important area.”

Deputy Cahill says the cost of closing a road with a Local Authority can be as high as €60,000.

This he says is far too prohibitive and is calling for a reduction.

“I would ask the County Council’s to consider the costs that they have associated with underpasses – that is road opening and road closures – and if they could carry the cost of same to make it feasible for farmers to put in underpasses on their farm.

“I would ask the County Council to examine this and if they couldn’t waive the costs completely that they would at least greatly reduce them for farmers who are doing this in the interest of public safety.”