Two women charged by Gardaí in North Tipp over last fortnight

Thurles Garda Station. Photo © Tipp FM

Two women have been charged by Gardaí in North Tipp over the last fortnight for separate incidents.

A woman was arrested for criminal damage to a home in Thurles.

The culprit entered the driveway of a home and broke a window with an iron bar before fleeing the area.

She was later located, arrested, and charged in Thurles district court.

Sergeant in Charge of Cahir Garda Station, Carol O’Leary, says this happens frequently.

“Again, it’s an example of how, while the summer holidays are on, crime never stops. It’s an unusual one, a female involved in such damage, but it happens all the time, unfortunately.”

A woman has been arrested for drink-driving in North Tipp.

She was stopped in Two-Mile-Borris by Gardaí and brought to Templemore Garda Station to take a breathalyser.

It was found that she was twice over the legal limit.

Sergeant O’Leary says this is an example of why motorists should never drink and drive.

“Again, it was a female in this case who was stopped by Gardaí up in Two-Mile-Borris. She was, unfortunately, drink-driving driving, brought to Temple Garda Station, where, after a breath specimen was analysed, it was the result of over twice the legal limit. She has been charged, possibly facing serious consequences there, for something that we would always encourage and stress: Never, ever drink and drive.”