Tipperary carers express frustration with school closures

Photo © Pixabay

Many Tipperary carers have expressed their frustration at the Government’s u-turn which will see schools remain closed next week.

Family Carers Ireland says it’s been contacted by thousands of family carers, who are “disappointed, angry and upset” at the decision, and they’re asking to meet with the Education Minister urgently.

The organisation says that ‘remote learning’ is not an option for many students it deals with.

South Tipp regional lead with Family Carers Ireland, Richie Molloy says the news is a blow to many family carers:

“They’ve had no commuication at all up until Friday and they were expecting their children with special needs to go back next Monday.

“What they are hoping is that they won’t be abandoned as they were during the previous lockdown.

“We’re calling for the Minister, to introduce as a matter of urgency, ideas like in-home tutoring, maybe individual plans for each person that’s effected by this because remote learning is not suitable for everybody.”