Mixed views on spectator ban at sporting events

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    The Tipperary County Board says they have yet to see evidence that attendance at sporting events has led to an increase in cases of Covid-19.

    It comes as the government announced a ban on spectators attending games in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

    County secretary Tim Floyd says hundreds of games have been played in Tipperary since action resumed with no indication that they have led to an increase in Covid-19.

    “”It’s a real kick in the teeth for those of us in the GAA because we’ve been doing everything as advised since early July when things opened up again.”

    “Since then we’ve played over 100 matches at County Championship level, our divisions have played matches and the Bord na nÓg have been playing – so you could say there’s been 300 or 400 games played since early July and I don’t know is there any evidence out there to link sporting events to the increase in positive cases.”

    However All-Ireland winning Tipperary hurler Timmy Hammersley thinks there has been an overreaction in some quarters to the move.

    Timmy, who continues to hurl with Clonoulty-Rossmore since the restart of action, thinks that playing behind closed doors is the right decision to try and contain the virus.

    “I just felt a sense of entitlement from GAA folk that we’re a huge organisation and that games are going ahead and people should be allowed attend.”

    “I just think it’s brilliant that we’re even playing games really – the main focus is not about games it’s about stopping the spread of the virus.”

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