Gardaí remind Tipperary motorists of responsibilities as road fatalities rise in 2021

Photo: © Pat Flynn

Tipperary motorists are being asked if they can cope with the consequences of drink and drug driving.

The number of people killed on the roads of the Premier County in 2021 has risen compared to last year with 10 fatalities recorded since January 1st.

Inspector James White of Thurles Garda station says possible loss of life or serious injury aren’t the only consequences of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“Should you be convicted in the courts in respect of a drink or drug driving offence, you will receive a mandatory disqualification.

“Bearing in mind the consequences this will have with regard to your private life, your family life and work life.

“Ask yourself the question, who will fill that void for you, who will accommodate you and bring you to work, who will bring your children on the trips to matches and training etc, bear this is mind.

“Your licence is a valuable item, mind it.”