Doors of private nursing homes will close without support – Lowry

Photo from Oireachtas

A Tipperary TD has told the Dáil that the doors of many private nursing homes will close unless they receive more financial assistance from the State.

Independent deputy Michael Lowry raised the issue with the Taoiseach, saying private operators are looking for parity with what public homes are receiving per resident.

Micheál Martin responded by saying that Minister Mary Butler is in ongoing meetings with the National Treatment Purchase Fund over the matter.

However, deputy Lowry claims that more urgency is needed:


“The reality is that this is just not sustainable for private operators. It’s expecting them to perform a miracle.

“I’m saying to you today, Taoiseach, that if you don’t bring this matter to a conclusion and if it’s not addressed successfully, the doors of private nursing homes in every town and village in Ireland will be forced to close.

“Public nursing homes will not be able to meet the demand for elderly care, and then we have a really serious issue.”