Lowry says Mother & Baby Homes bill preserves vital records

Photo: Adoption Rights Alliance

Tipperary TD Michael Lowry has defended his decision to vote in favour of a controversial Dáil bill.

It’s claimed the vote will effectively seal the archive collected by the state inquiry into Mother and Baby homes for 30 years.

Deputy Lowry and Fianna Fáil’s Jackie Cahill were the only Tipperary TDs to back the move.

Michael Lowry says he studied the wording of the bill carefully before making his decision.

“There are complex legal issues involved. The Attorney General – who is the most senior legal officer in the country – advised the government on the proper and appropriate manner to deal with this very serious issue.”

“Let me say clearly that the bill which passed yesterday will preserve invaluable information and database – the bill will not put it beyond reach as has been reported.”

“The purpose of the bill passed yesterday is to preserve the records.”