Cahill says pandemic impacting on Government formation

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary TD Jackie Cahill is coming around to the idea of a grand coalition.

His Fianna Fáil party and Fine Gael have agreed a path to a coalition in recent days.

In the past Deputy Cahill expressed a preference for Sinn Féin to go into government but has accepted that’s not going to happen.

Speaking on Tipp Today he said the situation we’re in because of Covid-19 has changed the whole scenario.

“Sinn Féin didn’t come to the table and there was opposition from my own party to the idea of having Sinn Féin involved in the government process.”

“That would have been my preference but we are where we are now.”

“We’re heading on 70 days from the election and its time to get a stable govt in place to tackle this unprecedented crisis.”