McGrath unhappy with Covid restrictions around weddings and funerals

The anomaly in the way weddings and funerals are being treated by the Government during the Covid-19 pandemic makes absolutely no sense according to a Tipperary TD.

Independent Mattie McGrath is also highly critical of the current restrictions surrounding gatherings in people’s homes.

Speaking on Tipp Today he highlighted the situation hotels across the county are facing.

“They can have 50 at a wedding – now a wedding is a joyous occasion – but then can only have 6 at a funeral dinner.”

“I mean there’s going to be music and a lot of alcohol at a wedding while at a funeral dinner people are in a sombre mood and they’ll have their meal and might have a drink – most of them won’t. So that makes no sense whatsoever.”

“The whole situation on restrictions on house events – that’s totally fundamentally wrong in our constitution.”