Shock at reported incidents at teenage disco in Cahir

Disco photo by lenty via

Parents in Cahir are shocked at reported incidents from a teen disco in the area and how young girls were mistreated and disrespected.

It was posted on social media that some girls were pinched, slapped and touched at a disco.

A parent of two teenagers Patrick, spoke on Tipp Today about the event and how he wouldn’t let his own children go to something like this now.

“I have two kids, a 14 and 17-year-old and looking at what the organisers put up on social media, I’d be loathe to send them anywhere near it.”

Jamie Leahy, one of the organisers sent the following statement to Tipp FM;

“A few days after our first year disco a father emailed me stating his daughter left the event a short time after entering because she was been harassed and assaulted multiple times by a number of boys.

“He stated that they offered his daughter money for a kiss, kept slapping and pinching her bum and when they tried to go to the bathrooms even more lads started to do the same.

“On the night in question no security had seen any of this nor it was it reported to any of our staff, which we lay out in our parental and responsibility form that all parents tick that they have agreed that they explained everything to their to their child prior to gong to the disco that they will inform staff if any bullying, assault or messing is not seen by security.

“As you can imagine, some discos are busier than others, they are dark and loud so security sometimes cannot hear verbal assault or catch some assaults, but we rely on all patrons to inform us of any issue and we rely on the CCTV to back up their story.

“Safety is the most important aspect to our business we have 1:40 PSA security (legal requirement is 1:100) we have event stewards at fire exit doors to make sure they are not blocked, bathroom attendants to control the amount of patrons entering and leaving the bathrooms, to keep them clean, sanitised male to male and female to female we also offer free sanitary products which we don’t have to for all female patrons, we liaise with the gardai prior to the event and always have gardai at our event either at the door, driving around or helping us with the traffic, we also man the traffic control of the traffic (which we don’t have to) we also have stewards and security crowd controlling making sure every child gets to their car safely or do not get knocked down (also something we do not have to do) we have qualified medics, a med bay, a sign out sheet where any patron who wishes to leave before 10.30pm can get signed out and collected by the parent they just need to say it to a member of staff and they will bring them to the duty of carer, we have a duty of carer who contacts the parents if a child needs to go home or calling the gardai if needed.

“I have been running Rev Cahir for the past 10 years without ever having an issue, in the past we use to have 1 or 2 fights due to the age group, but 6 years ago we changed the age group now the patrons are aged 12-15 no patrons arrives under the influence any more, never had drug use or weapons brought to the disco, no patron smokes at this age group, no patron fights and we never ever had an issue until this was brought to our attention.

“I also would appreciate you taking note that the cctv has now been handed over to the gardai as of now.

Thank you.”