Hundreds sign petition to stop Bus Éireann axing Expressway service through Cashel

A campaign has begun to prevent Bus Éireann from cancelling a route through Cashel.

The company has decided to axe its Dublin-Cork Expressway service, however no date has been given yet.

The bus had been running through Cashel, and also Cahir, six times a day prior to the pandemic.

More than 600 people have already signed a petition that was started this week by Cashel Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber President, Martin Lynch has told Tipp FM News the community isn’t willing to let this service go without a fight:

“Following our public statement, the Chamber received a large number of phonecalls from both businesses and people living in Cashel, saying that they were completely against the decision and they were supporting us in our calls to have the service maintained.

“And it was really because of the volume of calls that we had received that I decided to set up a petition online and our target is to get 1,000 signatures.

“We will use that petition to further this representation with Bus Éireann and Minister Éamonn Ryan in the Department of Transport.”

Mr Lynch also explained that the loss of this service would affect a lot of people:

“A lot of people use the early bus to get down to Cork or get to Dublin for work. And with a lot of colleges and universities now being restricted to most likely only one day a week, a lot of students in Cashel had decided just to use a bus service to get up and down to college as there’s no need for accommodation.

“So, a lot of calls we got were pertaining to people using it for work and also students who potentially were going to use it for college.

“If the service is removed in the new year, they won’t be able to travel.”

The petition can be found here.