Volunteers sought by Lough Derg RNLI station

Photo courtesy of Lough Derg RNLI

The Lough Derg RNLI is looking for new recruits to join the team.

The roles include a deputy launching authority, inshore lifeboat mechanic assistant, and a tractor driver.

Lough Derg RNLI PRO Eleanor Hooker told Tipp Today those without experience shouldn’t be discouraged from applying.

She assures applicants that training and assessments will be carried out to get new recruits ready for the water.

“It’s beautiful to see the lake so used, and I think people will enjoy it if they just have a little bit of training and if they prepare themselves before going out. Do all the safe things: wear a lifejacket, carry a radio, and make sure their engine is well serviced.

“I look out every day, and even today now, there’s traffic going up and down the lake. It looks like it could be February. It’s lovely to see people using this absolutely glorious facility, but to enjoy it just safely. If in doubt, don’t go out”.

Eleanor says she can pick up anywhere from 20-30 plastic bottles that have been thrown overboard during a strong westerly period on the lake.

She says that she has trained her dog to help her collect plastic bottles in the area and bring them back so they can be discarded properly and revealed that two bottles that were collected contained messages from almost three decades ago.

“Our dog brought back two bottles and there were two messages. One was from 20 years ago, and the other from maybe 30 years ago. They took a while coming to the surface and on to our shore, which was very interesting.

“One was from a child in Germany. The other was from a child in Dublin saying, “I’m on Lough Derg. I love Lough Derg. If you find this, I love you too”. Really sweet. I would say it was written by a seven or eight-year-old. From the dates, they’re adults now. There’s no contact, so we don’t know who they are.”