Council official says its vital to get the Transport Minister on board to progress N24 upgrade

N24 Inner Relief Road Clonmel Photo © Google Maps

Tipperary County Council will be making every effort to persuade the Transport Minister of the need to upgrade the N24.

Proposals to improve the road from Limerick to Waterford are being considered with South Tipperary taking in a large section of the route.

A series of public information meetings were held last week on the Cahir to Waterford stretch while the Cahir to Limerick Junction section is slightly further ahead.

However the most senior official in the Roads Department in Tipperary County Council admitted on Tipp Today that getting Transport and Environment Minister Eamon Ryan on board is vital.

Marcus O’Connor says the local authority will be driving home the benefits of upgrading the N24.

“I’m not going to comment on the political end of it but I think its no secret that Minister Ryan is no great fan of new roads. So I think what we can do from our end then is make as strong a case as we can. That stands up, that shows that this section of road is absolutely necessary for safety, for economic you know for all these type of reasons. And for the communities and the people living close to the corridor.”