Call for Clonmel car parks to be named

Photo from Google Maps

Cllr. Richie Molloy has regularly raised the issue stating that signage needs to be erected, with the official names at each location.

He says that it can cause confusion particularly for anyone who is visiting the town.

The executive acknowledged that this was a long standing problem and one raised on multiple occasions and they would move to act on it.

Cllr. Molloy gave Tipp FM an example of some of the areas he is targeting.

“An easy one is the Gashouse Bridge car park – now there hasn’t been a Gashouse in Clonmel…I’d say its at least 30 years ago since we had gas works in Clonmel but some people refer to that as the Gashouse Bridge car park when in fact I think it’s the Old Waterford Road car park. That’s one of them…we had Tesco in the town centre at one stage – that’s now the Mary Street car park but some people refer to that as the Tesco car park when the actual Tesco is on the N24.”

Cllr. Molloy says that those living locally may be familiar with the locations but it is confusing for visitors.

“So I’m just asking the engineer with the coming tourist season to put proper signage and name all these car parks officially so that if you’re a tourist coming to town and you want to direct them where you wanted to meet them you’d at least have the name right.”