Travel Agents have written off 2020

Photo from Pixabay

The President of the Irish Travel Agents Association says there remains “total confusion” around the Government’s wishes on foreign travel.

Tipp native Michael Doorley doesn’t expect any surge in passengers travelling abroad for the foreseeable future, despite the publication of the ‘Green List’ of countries.

Italy, Greece and Malta are among 15 countries on the list, meaning people can travel there without having to restrict their movements when they return.

Michael says the sector has written off this year already.

“There’s a total confusion and a total lack of clarity.”

“The 15 countries that were announced – attractive places to go and under normal circumstances you’d say yeah I could go for a holiday to four of those or I could go for a weekend break and enjoy it.”

“The problem is you’re travelling against government advice so your insurance is null and void so you’re not going to travel.”