Clonmel hotel owner says we just have to get on in a changing world

A Tipperary hotelier has no issue with the controversial new rule that requires restaurants and pubs to keep a record of what customers have ordered for 28 days.

The measure has faced major backlash with publicans and restaurateurs describing it as an administrative nightmare.

However speaking on Tipp Today Elizabeth Nallen from Hotel Minella in Clonmel said while it is an extra administrative burden it has to be done.

“It’s like you take a reservation for a hotel room – you take somebody’s name, contact telephone number and a credit card. It’s the same thing now when somebody makes a booking for a restaurant – you take the name and contact number. When people pay a bill we get them to sign the back of the receipt when they’ve eaten with their contact telephone and their name. That’s kept secure then for 28 days.”

“There are lots of new procedures that we’re going to have to adhere to – it’s a changing world and we just have to get on with it and do it.”