Tipperary principal reminds public that Covid-19 issue hasn’t gone away in schools

Stock photo: Pixabay.

A Tipperary school principal says the challenges of Covid-19 haven’t gone away in classrooms despite the recent easing of most restrictions.

Louise Tobin from St Joseph’s Primary School in Tipp Town, and also Deputy President of the Irish Primary Principals Networks, says the situation has been challenging last week and this week.

Public health guidance for classrooms didn’t change in the most recent easing of restrictions, and there are still significant numbers of pupils and staff out with Covid-related absences.

Louise spoke on Tipp Today earlier:

“I made a referral to the HSE last Thursday because we had a number of cases in two rooms. And I didn’t even get a call back.

“So it’s almost like we’re working here in isolation trying to manage getting information to parents about antigen testing, and trying to keep it calm here.

“Yesterday, we had 43 pupils absent – that’s 25 percent. And the same on Friday.”