Tipperary Co. Co praised for support given to Sean Ross group

A group representing survivors of the Sean Ross Mother & Baby Home in Roscrea has praised Tipperary County Council for their engagement as they seek to discover more answers about the site.

The ‘We Are Still Here’ group has met twice with a delegation from the local authority in recent months to make progress on a number of issues, including scanning of the burial site.

The Commission of Investigation into Mother & Baby Homes determined that 1,090 babies died at Sean Ross while operating between 1931 and 1969.

The statement from ‘We Are Still Here’ included the following:

“The members We are Still Here, Sean Ross Abbey Ireland, would like to thank Tipperary County Council for the steadfast support shown in assisting in our efforts to-date. The level of engagement they have shown is an example to all and we hope similar efforts will be made by all local authorities who are called upon to assist in this manner.

“Our deep appreciation must be expressed to Tony Donlan, owner of lands at Sean Ross Abbey, whose unwavering cooperation and facilitation is indispensable.

“We would also like to extend our thanks to the public representatives – locally and nationally – who have assisted us and campaigned on our behalf, and to Co Tipperary’s media organisations for ensuring that purpose of our campaign and the challenges faced by everyone affected by the history of Ireland’s Mother and Baby Homes are properly documented, represented, and kept in the public eye.”

The main focus of the group to date has been on the following areas:

– Access to Archival Records on Sean Ross
– Facilitation of scans or excavations of the Burial site at Sean Ross
– Future Memorialisation of the Sean Ross site