Morris: Ahearn comments an attack on democracy

Photo © Tipp FM

A local councillor has hit back at Senator Garrett Ahearn after he outlined his opposition to yesterday’s special housing meeting in Tipp.

Councillor Seamie Morris was one of the five members who called the emergency meeting of Tipperary County Council

Senator Ahearn told the Seanad yesterday morning he thought the meeting was a “waste of time” and a “political stunt”, and added that it took council officials away from their jobs for the day.

He also accused the members who organised the meeting of being the same ones who have objected to housing in the past.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier, Councillor Morris said it was an attack on democracy.

“It was an absolute pathetic article put together by a failed politician who was doing everything in his power yesterday to try and read out a circular that had probably been written for Dublin councillors to attack People Before Profit, and he decided that one size fits all. It’s actually a sad and pathetic attack on democracy.

“Garrett doesn’t know or understand that there are times when housing doesn’t suit an area. I know Annemarie Ryan Shiner has never objected to anything, and he lumped her in with that. There was no substance to this attack on democracy that he carried out yesterday.”

The special housing meeting held by Tipperary County Council, however, has been described as a success by those who attended.

The Independent councillor says a lot of ground was covered in the two and a half hour discussion, which was organised to come up with a plan for the county when the eviction ban ends..

During the meeting, councillors were assured by the housing department that there were over 100 emergency beds available.

Councillor Morris said they came up with an action plan will go to the department.

“Michael Murphy suggested yesterday that part of that measure should be a request to fund retirement villages for the elderly. I spoke also about modular houses and the fact that Laois County Council is building modular houses. I spoke also about cabins that are being used to provide houses for single people, which is one of the pressure points we have across the country. So, we had two and a half hours of an incredible report on housing by the council on what they’re doing up and down the county. Every councillor at the meeting yesterday said it was a good idea and it was one of the best meetings we’ve ever had.”