Molloy outlines priorities for year as Mayor of Clonmel

Richie Molloy Mayor - Richie Molloy's Facebook

The newly elected Mayor of Clonmel intends to highlight the importance of small local enterprises during his term of office.

Richie Molloy says while the large multi-nationals are vital to the economy of the town and Tipperary in general the contribution of some of the smaller employers needs to be acknowledged.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier he said they are the lifeblood of the town.

“Obviously you need the big companies and Clonmel is fortunate to have Abbot, Boston, the like of Merck down the road, Bulmers – they’ve been there for a long, long time. But I often think you know say the small newsagent that’s above in Irishtown – they’ve revamped their premises – you’ve different little coffee shops beginning to reopen again and I’m going to do my best to promote them at council level. That we at a council will look after those people – they’re great employers, they might be employing maybe six or seven people but collectively they’re huge.”

The many festivals taking place in Clonmel each year provide a huge boost to the town.

Speaking on Tipp Today which this morning broadcast from the Kickham Plaza to mark the opening of the Junction Festival Mayor Richie Molloy said there’s been huge progress over the years.

“Clonmel was not known for festivals. You might have one thing in the year if you were lucky. Now we really have a huge programme – you’ve got the Junction, you’ve the Busking Festival is only around the corner in August. So those things do bring in the outside visitor and I mean every shop in the town gains. If you don’t have something going on you won’t have that footfall so I think we really have to keep encouraging as many festivals and have them really throughout the year.”